5 Cultural Activities in Jakarta You Have To Know

Jakarta is the busy capital city of Indonesia. The town is packed with a great deal of people from all over Indonesia. Therefore, there are lots of cultures coming together that make Jakarta distinctive. But not to worry, if you’re intrigued in learning the culture of Jakarta then here are the 5 Cultural Activities in Jakarta. You can know more about the whole history of Indonesia too.

Wonderful Indonesia

1. Visit Taman Mini Indonesia
When you’re in Jakarta visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The park lies in the eastern part in Jakarta. It’s a park full of a design of Indonesia. Furthermore, you can learn about the various cities and culture in the mini design. you also can ride the cable car in the park. From up there, you may enjoy a view that is stunning.

2. Go to Jakarta Fair
Jakarta holds an event called as the Jakarta Fair. It’s an annual fair which everyone can attend. In the fair, there are music performances, art performances along with other different kinds of amusement. Furthermore, there are food that you could attempt from the fair. Other than that, there’s also firework shows.To find the annual schedule for the fair, you can check it out the world wide web.

3. Attend Jakarta Fashion Week
In case you’ve the opportunity to attend Jakarta Fashion Week then you should do. It’s a fantastic way to comprehend the culture within Jakarta at a way that is spectacular. Some clothing design in Jakarta Fashion Week have designers from all over Indonesia that place the Indonesian culture in their fashion statement.
4. Go to the Istiqlal Mosque
When you’re in Jakarta, definitely go to the Istiqlal Mosque. This mosque is among the the greatest mosque in Indonesia and is the greatest one in Southeast Asia. It’s rather close to Monas. Anybody who is a Muslim might come to the mosque. Nevertheless, do your best not to visit during prayer time. You can wait outside until people have finished praying. Furthermore, wear modest garments whenever you come to the mosque.

5. Visit the Jakarta Cathedral
Don’t overlook the opportunity on visiting the famous Jakarta Cathedral. It stands right on the opposite of the Istiqlal Mosque. This is how you comprehend the Indonesia‚Äôs value of harmony and tolerance. In the Jakarta Cathedral, appreciate the historical architecture. The area holds a history for Jakarta.